Our Work - Consultants2Business

Typical Users

  • Companies that require special talents or premium resources on a short-term basis or "on demand"
  • A company possessing strong growth opportunities but a shortfall in management talent may use our services to reach the "next level"
  • A company involved in an executive search.  We would provide interim management while an individual or team is being recruited
  • An interim project which would deplete your management ranks.  We can provide not only professional skilled project management but also fill many of the roles on the project team leaving your executives free to continue to run the business
  • Bank, Private equity firms, Boards of Directors requiring interim talent to insure continuity while navigating change
  • An owner or founder that needs an external/unbiased view of his/her operations and a real analysis of both workflow and employee capabilities
  • Company’s attempting to effect real change.  Sometimes it is easier to implement new processes, policies, or strategies in concert with personnel changes and reorganizations.  We assist during the transition