Business Valuations

Selecting a Business Valuation Professional

A properly conducted Business Valuation is an independent unbiased estimate of economic value of an interest in a business produced using a combination of logical financial and business analysis, the formation of supportable opinions and the consistent application of appropriate business valuation techniques.

The International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms, published by the business valuation professional organizations in June 2001, states that:

“The performance of business valuation services requires a high degree of skill and imposes upon the valuation professional a duty to communicate the valuation process and conclusion, in a manner that is clear and not misleading.”

Understanding what the Business Valuation Process and when to get a Business Valuation will help you select the professional to fulfill your business valuation needs.

The depth and breadth of our expertise allows us to serve clients ranging from privately held businesses to publicly-traded companies, both domestic and international. C2B is committed to providing you with accurate, timely and unbiased opinions of value that are understandable and useful to you and that will withstand scrutiny by your auditors, attorneys, lenders and regulatory agencies.

Our valuation opinions and reports are well-reasoned and fully supported. Our work is documented so that you get value not only from the process of analyzing your business but understanding the perspective of an independent, experienced, unbiased, and objective appraiser. Being able to see exactly how business value is determined in a professional evaluation can help you maximize the value of your business or transaction.

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