Business Valuations

Selection Criteria

Once you understand the Business Valuation process, it is easier to see the selection criteria for selecting the professional best-suited to fulfilling your business valuation needs. For a business valuation to be useful, it should be both valid and credible.

Some of the selection criteria you should consider are:

  • Business Valuation Techniques
    • The business valuation profession has evolved tremendously in the past few years with an ever greater level of sophistication to the analysis. Only up to date techniques are valid and credible.
  • Ability to determine an independent unbiased opinion of value
    • Every business appraisal is unique and deserves a rigorous and logical analysis that is supported and supportable by a credible analyst with the ability and inclination to perform the necessary analysis.
  • Producing Something of Value
    • The opinion of value is the result of a process and even that process can add value – just the act of pulling together the necessary information can focus you on the process outsiders use to value your business. You are running your company for more than just operating a business – you are creating value. The result of the valuation should be something that you can use and understand.
  • Financial and Business Analytics
    • A business valuation requires a high-level of skill in valuation analytics and skill.
  • Credible
    • There is an inevitable level of subjectivity in a business valuation that requires a level of investing and management analysis to be credible under any level of scrutiny.
  • Someone you can work with
    • Whatever the purpose of your business valuation, the professional you select should someone that you can work with throughout the process and should be reliable and deliver your valuation on time.

We are reliable, practical and approachable people who hold themselves to the highest standards and take pride in using our business and analytical skills and experience to deliver the most useful product of the highest quality and integrity. Your business valuation will be conducted according to the arguably highest standards in the industry, the Business Appraisal Standards of the Institute of Business Appraisers.

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