About Us : Consultants2Business

Who We Are

Consultants 2 Business has a strong and vibrant culture built around creativity, intellectual rigor, sound judgment, outstanding technical skills and a total commitment to our clients. This environment has enabled us to attract the best people drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our Philosophy

  • The Work We Do:  accept only those assignments that are specific to our experience and lead to the creation of value for our clients
  • How the Work Is Done:  Not to just fill a gap, but to provide an immediate competitive advantage, to help clients focus on the things that will make their business better, share our knowledge, expertise, and thought process and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve results
  • Our Staff and Business Partners:  a community of unique, world-class professionals able to share ideas and build long-term relationships
  • Our Company:  foster a creative environment which embraces change and provides us opportunities to learn
  • Our Strategy:  grow our business hand in hand with our clients encouraging and aiding them to reach their full potential

Our Values

  • To live in integrity
  • To work with positive energy (work hard, but have fun)
  • To accept responsibility and authority in tasks and assignments
  • To accept accountability for outcomes
  • To treat others with compassion, understanding and respect
  • To strive for a healthy work/life balance

Executive Bios>> Dawn Croft | Paul Croft | Linda Chastain