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Linda Chastain

Marketing & Business Development

Some say the sky's the limit. Take it to the moon is more like it for
this marcom visionary. Building a brand means keeping your eye on that bigger idea and making sure it connects with those things vital to its momentum.

Linda Chastain brings unstoppable energy and creativity to her
position as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. An acknowledged expert in the field of consumer-based marketing, she is known for her creative marketing ideas and savvy sales and business
development expertise. With an emphasis on destination marketing, she delivers a proven track record in opening and expanding new and emerging markets through strategic planning, sales, branding and development of alliances.

A former Visa USA executive, she later managed brand development and market positioning for two pioneering biometric technology companies. Chastain holds a Bachelor of Science degree, is a member of the American Marketing Association and throughout her career has served as a selected corporate representative on national and international
industry trade association marketing committees.